Michigan Family and Divorce Law FAQs

What are my parental rights?

In a divorce or paternity case, your parental rights are governed by statute which is the Best Interest of the Child Statute. In most cases, there is joint legal custody, with one parent having physical custody, or there is shared physical custody. Your parental rights include being actively involved in decision making regarding issues affecting health and welfagore of your child or children, including school related issues, economic issues, health issues, religious issues, and items such as extra-curricular activities. We are glad to advise you and answer specific questions as every situation is different.

How does mediation help?

Mediation is a cost-effective process where you are actively involved in deciding your future and that of your family. It is much more effective than litigation, not only from a cost standpoint, but also from an emotional standpoint. It is a way to handle everything in a private manner, with the assistance of a skilled mediator. In most situations, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

What amount of alimony should I expect?

Every case is different, and we are glad to advise you about alimony. In some cases, there will be little or no alimony, and in some situations, there can very great amounts of alimony that can last for many, many years. We are glad to answer your specific questions, as every situation is different.

How does joint custody work?

Joint physical custody means that you and your former husband or wife are sharing custody. There are numerous arrangements ranging from alternating weeks to dividing the weeks in some fashion to one parent having more time during the school year and the other more time during the summer and vacation periods, with everything being done on a case by case basis. We are prepared to answer your questions as every scenario is different. We are prepared to meet with you to discuss these issues in a confidential setting.

How much will my divorce cost?

Attorney fees for divorce are based upon many factors, including whether the case is going to be contested, whether child custody is an issue, along with whether or not there is a business, and other issues that make the case more complicated. Our philosophy is to meet with a prospective client to answer questions and find out exactly what is involved because every case is different. At Family Law of Michigan, we do not charge for the initial consultation with the understanding that while we will see you without charge, if you retain us then the time that we spent for the initial consultation is set off against the retainer. The ultimate cost of the divorce will depend on how much litigation is involved, and how complicated and drawn out the case is.

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