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Michigan Arbitration

flm_arbitrationArbitration is another area of expertise here at Family Law of Michigan. We handle cases and serve as arbitrators in certain cases, or will bring in arbitrators where it is appropriate. Binding arbitration in a divorce can be used to handle every aspect of the divorce, including property division, child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal support, and any other issues related to the divorce.

Arbitration must be voluntary, and is done by a written agreement and court order. The benefit is that it can reduce the delay in bringing your case to a prompt conclusion, and you can select a trained arbitrator who everyone has confidence in. The arbitrator, who is typically an experienced family law attorney, is paid by the parties for his or her time. It is often less expensive than waiting for a trial in court. The one drawback of arbitration is that it is much harder to appeal from an arbitration award, than it is from the ruling of a judge.

It is important to consult your attorney on a case by case basis regarding an arbitration as every situation is different. Here at Family Law of Michigan, our Michigan family law attorneys are glad to advise you on this aspect of the divorce process and answer your questions about arbitration.

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