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Important Considerations to Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Metro Detroit Family Law attorneys Henry Gornbein and Alisa Peskin-Shepherd discuss considerations in hiring a divorce lawyer.

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Henry: What are some of the issues that people should consider in selecting an attorney to represent them in a divorce?

Alisa: I think in your first initial consultation, and have a conversation with an attorney on the phone, you’re going to get a feel for how that attorney is, how their personality is, what their character is, if they have the same philosophies as you, there are attorneys who are cut throat who will rush to the court room, file a motion and will go to the judge at every opportunity they have, they are very adversarial; there are attorneys who are much more mediative, who like to look at the big picture who will help the parties resolve their issues, when you’re talking to somebody on the phone, you can get that feeling when you meet that attorney in person, you can get an idea if they are someone like you, have the same philosophies like you, a lot of my clients tell me that “I knew when I met you; my gut just told me were the right attorney for me” so I think that when you’re asking questions and engaged in conversation, you will get a feel for what’s right.

Henry: Important.

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