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Pros and Cons of Divorce Trials

Michigan family law and divorce mediators and attorneys Henry Gornbein and Alisa Peskin-Shepherd discuss the Pros and Cons of divorce trials.

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Henry: What about trails? You have some clients who are bitter, angry, they want to punish the other spouse, and they want their day in court, what’s your advice in that situation?

Alisa: I still encourage my clients to not turn over control to the judge, where property or in the case of children, the judge doesn’t really know your case, or your children, but in the end you’re not going to feel any better just because you had your day in court, mediation and other dispute avenues are still better in the long run , where at the moment, they might feel so angry and want to get at their spouse, but in the long run they will be happier when the can resolve these disputes through mediation, through a non adversarial process.

Henry: I can’t agree with you more and another thing to remember is if you go to trial, you lose control, if you negotiating or mediating, your still in control of the divorce process you’re still making decisions and especially if you have children you’re going to be involved with that parent with regards to your children for the rest of your lives and once you start throwing things and saying things that can’t be taken back in court, you change the dynamics completely.

Alisa: Right, and we can offer that to our clients the big picture, knowing they’re in the moment, but knowing they’re in the moment but in the long run how that is going to affect their lives.

Henry: And a good attorney can do a cost analysis of not only economic standpoint, but a psychological standpoint.

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